Urban Exploring at Talgarth Mental Asylum (Mid Wales Hospital)

October 27, 2015  •  4 Comments

My job takes me to some strange places sometimes.

Whilst covering Cambrian patrol I visited one of the sites the exercise is being run on. It is set in a old mental asylum in Talgarth. I was tasked to cover a wreath-laying ceremony behind a derelict church to mark the 100th anniversary of the death of a soldier. Private John Lewis died on October 20, 1915, while being cared for at a military wing of a hospital in Talgarth in mid-Wales. However, his grave was left untended to for years until a soldier stumbled across it while walking his dog. The wreath was laid by Lieutenant General James Everard, Commander Land Forces.


Lance Corporal Koen Jacob, 1 Rifles bugler, plays The Last Post

Lieutenant General James Everard, Commander Land Forces, places the wreath at Pte Lewis' grave.

The headstone of Private John Lewis

For more on the story see here 


Once the service had finished I spoke to one of the guys who was staying in the church there for the duration of the exercise. He had a key to get into the hospital grounds and asked me if I wanted to have a look round. I jumped at his offer and we went through the gates. 



One of the hallways leading into the hospital

Most of the stairs leading to the upper levels had collapsed


The main auditorium

A ouija board in the auditorium

"The Bar"

I looked for a sell by date on this can but it was too rusty to find one.  

Wonder what sort of entertainment went on here?


I love doing this urban exploring sort of stuff. It's great to find out about the history about the place then go and see what it is like now. I have visited a few different places over the years including mental hospitals in Bristol, an old quarry in the Midlands but the highlight was getting into the Tajbek palace in Kabul in 2011. I may do a post on that soon. 


Thanks for looking! 




I've just found these pics whilst searching to show my nephew the grounds. I am the guy in the pic who showed you around the asylum grounds.

Enjoyed looking at the pics thanhs Tony
3.Cut out Image(non-registered)
Can't possible capturing such excellent photography without capable photographer .
2.Clipping Path Service(non-registered)
I'm inspire to see those shoot.
1.Adam tatton-reid(non-registered)
hi there, there is s Facebook group where lots of old employees and local community members discuss the Hospital and share photos here https://m.facebook.com/Redevelopment-Of-Mid-Wales-Hospital-Local-Support-Group-1461790040814319/?tsid=0.48924585385248065&source=typeahead

Most of my family worked at the hospital in the 80s&90s

Please come and have a look
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