IPhone images in Kabul

July 09, 2015  •  2 Comments

Going through a old hard drive today I came across these images I took in 2011 whilst in Kabul, Afghanistan with my Iphone 3G. We were not allowed to take our phones with us to Afghanistan due to security reasons so I left the SIM card at home and took the phone as a IPod and camera.

I was not a Army Photographer at this point I was working as a Multiple 2ic within Souter Force Protection and Transport Company. 

I think I only took it out with me once and another time whilst in a sanger. 

All the photos were taken in the 'Hisptagram' app as this was what I thought made the images look better as the Iphone 3G was not the best for image quality. There are not many due to me using my D300 most of the time. 

The images I took with my D300 can be found here-  Kabul




A view overlooking a School from a Sanger



The mountains in Kabul

A street scene on a patrol


SA80 next to a GPMG

Canadians leaving our camp

These must have been taken from a moving vehicle due to the fence post being like this

Views down the main road into Kabul City

At Kabul International Airport

The ISAF badge we all wore

A RAF Tristar taking us home


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Thank you so much for sharing such nice images .
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Gorgeous to see those iPhone images.
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