Emba and Flower Fellow for Circus City Records

September 29, 2015  •  4 Comments

I have been working with Circus City Records for a while now. They are a record company based in the heart of Bristol. Their mission is to "find the best in new music and bring it directly to your ears".


It was time for some more photos for a new artist and a current artist who needed some updated photos. We looked into booking a studio but trying to keep costs low and sticking to a budget, therefore we decided it would be best to do it 'on location' or at someone's house. It so happens that my front room is pretty big with a massive bay window that light poured through at the right time of the day. I also have a few good items for props lying about the house. All I had to do was move some furniture around and we were good to go. 


We have this really old chair that I picked up from a reclaimers ages ago and a bar globe that would suit the style of the shoot for both artists, so after moving the sofa out of the way and putting the old chair in its place with the bar globe in the background we ready to get started. I wanted to just use the natural light coming through the window for the whole shoot. 





Whilst the chair was there Flower Fellow jumped in and did her thing.

©Timothy Jones http://www.jonesmrjones.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/jonesmrjones.co.uk

Flower Fellow



Whilst Flower Fellow was getting changed, I took the mirror off the wall and sat it in front of the fireplace. I got Emba to sit in front and try a few poses. I wanted to get the back of her head and some of her body in the shot so you could see that it was taken in the reflection of a mirror.  With the light coming through the window and textures from the frame it made a great shot. I added the globe into the background for some added interest.


When I was happy with the shots from this it was Flower Fellows turn in front of the camera again. This time we left it plain and simple, using nothing but the wall and floor. A nice natural pose from a low down point of view.


©Timothy Jones http://www.jonesmrjones.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/jonesmrjones.co.uk


The final few images of the day were done outside in the street. Just across the road from me is an old brick wall. It was the perfect backdrop for the final part of the shoot. We decided to take the chair outside to add something else to the image. The contrast between the denim and Embas hair with the oranges of the brickwork and reds of the chair worked brilliantly.


©Timothy Jones http://www.jonesmrjones.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/jonesmrjones.co.uk


The last shot we ditched the chair and just went for a simple pose. 

©Timothy Jones http://www.jonesmrjones.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/jonesmrjones.co.uk


I enjoyed the day of shooting and it just goes to show that you can pretty much turn any space into a makeshift studio if you want to. 


To find out more info on either of these artists have a look at these links.





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Excellent photography, being a professional photo editor I like the photos extremely. The girls are looking so cool here, Go ahead..
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Be Professional photography
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Their dress combine are very charming .
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She looks very sexy .
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