The AS90 Self Propelled Gun

February 22, 2016  •  2 Comments

The whole time I was in Otterburn it did not get above 0º. It was bloody cold! There was a tiny bit of snow on the ground from the previous week but nothing substantial.

A soldier cleans the front of a AS90 canon

I was there to cover 26 Regt Royal Artillery also known as the "Midland Gunners". these guys had already been up there for a week and were about to spend a few more fun filled weeks up in Otterburn. They had travelled all the way from Gutersloh, Germany as well!


Usual stuff from me. Whack the old wide angle on and get involved in everything. 

I had never seen these fire. I had only heard them fire in Iraq against the bad guys who fired Chinese rockets at us everyday for three months solid. I had seen the what they did though. I worked in the main Ops room for a while in Iraq and all the live feeds from the Predator drones were on screens in there. I can remember seeing two guys set up a rail and point it in the direction of our camp. As soon as they started to put the Chinese rockets on the rail the signal was given and a few seconds later there was a loud bang and on screen a puff of smoke and these guys were wiped of the face of the earth. 



I finished off the day with a night shoot. I wanted to get all four guns firing at once with big, baddass flames shooting out. If I used a long shutter speed they would all fire within 5 seconds of each other and I should get that effect. I set all my gear up and waited. I worked out pretty soon that these huge, powerful guns didn't emit any flash at all. Just a massive boom and a puff of smoke. That was that picture out of the game. So I just waited and waited and waited, till a break in the clouds and the stars came out, with this the moon came out behind me and smashed a bit of light on the rear of the guns. 


This is what I came back with. Pretty groovy I think!


The next day was capturing the guns being used in the 'direct fire' method. When the guy who was taking me round said they used artillery guns in the direct fire method I thought it was crazy. But I guess if there is a tank coming towards you, your gonna fire back with what you got and the GPMG on the top wont cut it against a tank!

That was it from that job. Only spent two days up there. It was good to see the guns in action and to chat to the guys and girls there. Another insight to what else the Army does. The worse bit about it was the seven hour drive back home after. Motorway traffic on a Friday afternoon is not fun!!


Here i also a little video of inside when the gun in firing. 

Anyways, until next time. 

Stay Safe. 





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Very complex photography . I'm inspire to see those .
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Very professional photography and better capturing .
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