A Great Bustard at Stonehenge

April 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I was on a private visit of the historical site and this little one came along for a look as well.

This bird was extinct in the UK after the last one was shot in 1832. In 2004 eggs from Russia were hatched to reintroduce them onto Salisbury plain.

Pretty groovy!  


i sent this image to the Great Bustard Group and they sent me this;


Dear Tim,

What a great shot. This is a female we released in 2011. She is the only bird we have ( of about 40 ) who is tame. We are not sure why, as she was reared the same way as the others at the time, and they are all as proper wild birds.
Despite being so tame, so has managed to survive and not come to grief with dogs or people trying to catch her. She also nested two years ago.

What a great story! 


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