TRiBE of FRoGs ~ Beltane Spring Finale at Lakota, Bristol

May 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

So I was back at Lakota for Tribe of Frog again this weekend. As usual the place looked amazing and so did the people.

I like to get to the venue just as its starting to get busy as I have covered a few nights in the past from the start and its hard work to make the club look busy. I tend to only stay at venues for a few hours because people dont look their best after a couple of hours of dancing and enjoying themselves a bit too much. I like to get in there, do what I need to do and head back home.

I like to wait till the evening to start editing the pictures. Gives me a chance to look at the images with a fresh set of eyes and I like the surprise of seeing some of the images I forgot that I took pop up on screen. I use PhotoMechanic to dump down my images, rename, do metadata and select the images I wish to edit. Once that it done its off to Adobe Lightroom to the edits. On importing the files to LR I have a preset that I use for my clubbing images that is automatically set. I then go through each image and, if required tweak a bit more. 


Oh and if your wondering what kit I was using then it is a Nikon D4 with a 14-24mm and SB700 flash. 


Anyway, here are the images-


To see the rest check out Tribe of Frog Facebook page


Enjoy the colours and people!




If you get this far dont forget to check out this little vid on my facebook page- 


Stay Safe.





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