Stanley inherits one of my toys.

August 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

My Mum has recently moved out of Bristol into a little village called Lydney near Gloucester. As they were having a clear out of all their stuff she came across a few of my old cuddly toys with a few photo albums and other bits and bobs. She bought it all round and we had a dig through it all. 


Looking through one of the albums I came across this photo of me and one of the cuddly toys that Mum had bought round. This teddy was the one of the first cuddly toys I ever had.

As you can see below this toy was still alive and kicking today! To be honest it could do with a bit of a clean and a few stitches in his arms as it is over 30 years old.

Stan has already decided that this new cuddly toy is to be his. He now takes it to bed with him and carries him around the house a lot. We have not thought of a name for it yet but Stan tells us that it is 'Daddy's'. 

Young boy holds rainbow Teddy Young boy holds rainbow Teddy Young boy holds rainbow Teddy Young boy holds rainbow Teddy

As you can see from the photos that Stan loves this teddy already. This could be the start of a little adventure with this!




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