British Army Cribs: The Challenger II Main Battle Tank

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After thinking of this idea a while back and not having the ways and means to carry it out I found myself in the perfect situation to get it done. I was half way to Germany as part of a Combat Camera Team covering EX VENERABLE GAUNTLET when I started talking to Sgt Kendall and Capt Kendall (no relation) about it.


As it was the 100th anniversary of the first tank going into battle and we were on our way to a training area that would be dripping in heavy armour this was literarily the right place and the right time.


We all came together and got some ideas in our heads. We would find someone who was pretty articulated and a bit of a character to take us through there tank (The Challenger II MBT) in the style of MTV Cribs. We found the perfect guy from The Queen's Royal Hussars and got him to speak to a few of his mates and come up with some ideas for the shoot.


The whole video was shot on a few different camera systems. A DJI Osmo, Nikon D800, Nikon D4 and a DJI Inspire Drone.


Sgt Kendall did most of the filming and editing as he knows the score when it comes to that! /


Hope you like the video and we will hopefully make some more just like it!


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