Tea and Medals, meeting a bunch of actual heroes

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A while back I was off down to London District for a few days to help out with Sgt Rupert Frere with a few tasks and this was one of them.

The Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall attended a service and tea party in support of the Victoria Cross and George Cross association.

There were a few different working parts of this event Rupert was on the first part at St Martin-in-the-Fields Church and I was on the group photo afterwards.


I went down about half hour ahead of time to set up my gear. I used two SB900 Speedlights with Lastolite softboxes fired by Pocketwizards. 

The settings were-

Focal Length- 28mm
ISO: 1000
Aperture: 8
Shutter: 1/125
Speedlights: 1/4 power each

I was happy with how the exposure was and waited for everyone to arrive.
This is the final group shot. 

It was surreal being in front of all these people. Actual heroes and Royalty. Prince Charles even came up to me and shook my hand!

I had heard and read stories about these people before and it was a honour to be in their presence. 

Later that evening we had a few drinks with them at the Union Jack Club.
Prince Charles and Camila speak to the recipents during the tea
Sgt Bill Speakman VC
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