Hi, I am a Bristol based photographer, currently employed as a Firefighter with Avon Fire and Rescue Fire Service. I served in the British Army for over 13 years spending 7 of them as a British Army Photographer and Videographer covering military activities in the worldwide and in the UK. For 2 years I was part of a very high readiness to deploy Combat Camera Team. I deployed to over 11 countries as part of the CCT. From Operations in Iraq and the Baltics to Humanitarian missions in The Caribbean.


I have experience in instructing specialist photography to Special Forces, producing mini-documentaries, social media pieces and news packages for the British Army and also providing local and national publications with photographic material for the British Army.


I was the Professional photographer of the year 2016 and Professional Videographer of the year 2018.

I cover a wide range of photography including; Nightlife, Festivals, Events, PR, Portraiture, Live acts, Sports and Weddings.