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ARMYHQ-2017- 050-EFP 5 RIFLES BG_Estonia-117-TJ

ARMYHQ-2017- 050-EFP 5 RIFLES BG_Estonia-117-TJ

Pictured: Soldiers from 5 RIFLES battlegroup commence a Coy level attack in the forests of Estonia

Following on from the success of Exercise SPRING STORM, British troops are training with the Estonian Defence Force again on Exercise SABER STRIKE. This exercise has seen all elements of the 5 RIFLES Battle Group mobilise and train with their Estonian counterparts, who are specialists in all aspects of fighting in woods and forests.

As a NATO level exercise, US and French troops have also taken part, with US Black Hawk helicopters being used as part of a Helicopter Assault Force alongside British and French troops.

Photographer: Cpl Timothy Jones RLC Crown Copyright 2017