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What's in my bag in the jungles of Brunei.

January 14, 2016  •  5 Comments

I always find it interesting to see what other people carry on their person and in their bags. 

This is my take on "what's in my bag"

I am currently in Brunei on exercise covering Y Company, 1st Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. Every day we go out into the trees to cover the tasks they are doing.

This is what I take:

The contents of a camera bag on the floor that is taken into the jungles of Brunei.Whats in my bagWhat's in my bag EDC Everydaycarry.


1. Jungle boots. These are essential as they offer spike protection in the soles and have holes for drainage for water.


2. Jungle hat. A must to keep the sun out of your eyes and the rain off your head.


3. Sweat rag. You sweat a lot out here as the temperature is on average 29° and the humidity is over 75%.


4. Machate or Parang. For clearing your way through vegetation, preparing food or protection.


5. Nikon D4 with 24-70mm lens. This is a workhorse of a camera and copes well in these conditions.


6. Camera strap. This is an adapted rifle sling I have made into a camera strap. It's easy to carry that round your neck and if I need to drop it to the side to use my hands at any point I can easily.


7.F-Stop Guru camera bag. This is a brilliant bag, it will take almost anything you chuck at it and the modular ICU system inside is great.


8. Mosquito repellent. Speaks for itself. Keeps the bugs away which are of their thousands out in the trees.


9. Climb on balm. This is a new item I have just picked up. It's a all natural balm that you can rub into cuts, abrasions, bites, dry skin and all sorts. It basically helps repair your skin from the beating it gets.


10. Electrolyte tablets. For when you need that extra bit of stuff in your water. These are cherry flavour.


11. Snacks. Just a few bits of food to snack on. Mostly peanut butter based as chocolate does not cope well in the heat.


12. Olympus trip 35 and 35mm film. I still like to shoot the odd roll of film so I keep this in my bag as well.


13. First aid kit. This contains basic first aid stuff with added bite spray and savlon antiseptic spray to.


14. Maxpedition admin pouch. This has pens, pencils, note pad, ear defence, torch and a few other essential items packed into it.


15. Head torch. Another item that speaks for itself.


16. Nalgene water bottle. It holds a litre of water and glows in the dark!


17. Think tank memory card storage. Contains all my spare memory cards including CF, XQD and SD. Kept in ziplock bag.


18. Spare D4 battery. I always carry a spare and the heat saps the batteries power a lot faster out here. Kept in ziplock bag.


19. Dry bag with phone, money and ID. This keeps the important stuff dry and secure.


20. GoPro Hero 4 Silver on 'chesty' strap. In case I want to make and short videos on the fly.


21. Nikon SB700 speedlight. I prefer this smaller flash as it's lighter and just as good as its older sibling the SB900. Kept in a ziplock bag.


22. Nikon 14-24mm lens. My favourite lens! Kept in ziplock bag.


23. Nikon SU800 commander for wireless control of my flash.


24. Three legged thing lightweight tripod. This is another new addition to my arsenal. I picked this up a week before coming out here. It's compact enough to fit on the side of the bag and strong enough to support the camera.


As it is so hot out here I also carry a further 2 litres of water with me squeezed into the front pouch of the bag.


Hope you like the insite to what I have been carrying with me when out on task. I like to travel as light as possible all the time. As you can see it's still a lot of kit! If anyone has any questions about any of the kit please ask and I will do my best to answer them.


Keep an eye out for more of the work we are doing out here on our British Army Photographers Facebook page


Stay safe,






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